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Wilfred’s Travels was as personal as it comes.

I “came across” this interesting old chap while speaking to a relation of mine, Pat Holmes, my dad’s cousin, and she spoke of her uncle Fred.

Wilfred had been a labourer in the railways, a man whom Pat recalled as “always dirty with the soot from his work”, but a man who was also a clever and well-travelled individual.

The project started out life as a box of memories gathering dust in an old garden shed. Diaries, journals and memorabilia that had lain untouched for decades, until falling into the hands of an enthusiastic relation – thus the life of Fred Holmes was brought into the 21st century, while losing none of its contemporary charm, Fred was an ordinary Springburnian who travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain before embarking on a European journey that would openly fulfil the dreams of this cosmopolitan railway worker.

Following detailed trips to the likes of Eastbourne and Bristol – and an annual (boy’s only) weekend to rural Carbeth – a fortnight’s trip to Austria was the icing on the cake for this far travelled man of the people.

His constant companion was his wife, Margaret, and Fred never tires of telling us of her terrible affliction – her sore feet – as his detailed journals continually provide a great source of entertainment.

A noted conscientious objector, Fred was rarely in any kind of trouble, but was once cautioned by police in Port Glasgow – for riding his bicycle at night with no lights!
An unconscious wit, and a man of considerable knowledge – that’s Fred Holmes.
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