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Marco Negri was born to score goals – though little did he know that 13 years after cutting his teeth with Serie A side Udinese, he would become the most talked about footballer in Scotland.

The road to Glasgow Rangers saw him strike prolifically for Cosenza and Perugia, alerting all the Italian superpowers. However, an opportunity with Lazio – when he was invited along on the day the Rome side unveiled Paul Gascoigne – passed him by.

But when Walter Smith shelled out £3.5million for the 27-year-old, Rangers fans were in for a mighty shock. Negri smashed in 33 goals in his first 29 games, breaking goal-scoring records galore.

He was reunited with Gazza and introduced to Danish phenomenon Brian Laudrup. A match made in heaven? Perhaps not, as an eye injury was soon to halt this goal-scoring juggernaut.

Frustrating injuries, reports of unrest and loan deals ruled the remainder of his time at Ibrox.

Nevertheless, Marco Negri’s name was already etched in Rangers history, his cult status as inevitable as fans’ tantalising tales of what might have been.

For the first time, this book – Moody Blue: The Story of Mysterious Marco – tells the astonishing story of one of European football’s most enigmatic characters.
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  Book reviews:
This is by far the best pro-athlete autobiography I have read. There is a common theme among autobiographies by pro athletes which is "everyone else was always in the wrong and I was right". In that Mr Negri bucks the trend. He speaks about his troubled time at Rangers, of which there were a lot of highs too, in an honest and mature way. He speaks of how he was mistreated by certain individuals but also takes his own share of the blame for instances that others would have hid from. It shows a great strength of character and makes for an excellent read. Peppered in there too are funny stories about Gazza, Prodan and others. It filled me with a great sense of nostalgia and many thoughts of what could have been.
Idris C. Wilson

I've long wondered what happened to the man who scored over 30 goals in half a season then nothing for the next three years. All those questions and plenty more are answered in this book as Marco talks in detail about his career, people he met and his struggles with injuries. Fascinating insight into the mind of the man.
D. Shearer

Great book and a very interesting read. I read it in three days. You can tell it has been written from the heart and with honesty. Puts to bed all the rumours from the time he played for Rangers.
Alison McKerracher

Marco Negri Moody Blue: the true story of a fabulous player revealing highs and lows of his career, this book is filled with emotions and honesty. I would highly recommend it – well done Marco for a truly remarkable book.
Linda Clark

One of the best sport books I've ever read. An honest and sometimes sad assessment of a career from his early days to his explosive start at Glasgow Rangers. You will not regret purchasing this.
Craig Gibson

Great insight to the silent striker. Was a hero of mine at Rangers and this book tells his story of those days and the rest of his footballing career. Very open and definitely changes my perspective of what this guy came across as during his playing days. Great book, very happy with my purchase.
Alan Tickner
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