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In this no-holds barred autobiography, former St Mirren striker Frank McDougall lifts the lid on his amazing football career. McDougall tells how he has a rather unusual claim to fame – he’s the only footballer to have punched Sir Alex Ferguson and knocked him to the floor when the legendary manager was at Aberdeen FC.

But McDougall was also a player with the goal-den touch, scoring for fun, getting hat-tricks against Rangers and netting four goals in one game against Celtic.
He came from a rough, tough background in the schemes of North Glasgow and his football skills took him to the heights of the beautiful game.

But he feared his dreams of being a footballer were shattered when, as a 15-year-old who had just signed an S-Form for Hearts, he was blinded when a thug threw a brick through the window of a bus he was on. The glass smashed and tiny shards were catapulted into the back of his eyes. For months, surgeons battled to save his sight and thanks to their skills, he could eventually see again.

McDougall takes us on an amazing journey from scallywag to European goal-scoring hero via Clydebank, St Mirren – where he was Scotland’s most expensive player at the time – and Aberdeen. And he takes us on a journey from behind the St Mirren dressing room door to the pubs and clubs of Paisley along with his Saints party-time team mates.

But as McDougall was reaching the peak of his goal-scoring prowess, he had to give up the game he loves with a crippling back injury and his career was brought to a premature end.

McDougall could have gone on to be one of the real greats in British football – just ask Sir Alex Ferguson, who pays tribute to him in the book. Describing McDougall’s four goals in the game against Celtic, Fergie says: “It was potentially one of the greatest individual displays I have ever seen on a football field. His goals were simply breathtaking.”
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  Book reviews:
If you are of a certain age where you remember McDougall playing, then you will want to read this book. Great insight into the player and how he dealt with the cards that life threw at him. Also offers an interesting insight into his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson.
Graeme Jessiman

I enjoyed reading this book and it certainly brought back more than a few memories for me of a golden era in Scottish football.
Rab Dingle

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