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There’s nothing we like more than leafing through an old photo album and marvelling at Aunt Margaret’s changing hairstyles, or looking on in amazement at how big little Tommy is getting. Wallowing in nostalgia is a favourite pastime.

Inside this book we take a dewy-eyed look back at our very own Dear Green Place, whizzing back in time to the days when jobs were plentiful and a good night out involved taking a trip to one of Glasgow’s many theatres or cinemas.

But we haven’t simply donned the rose-tinted spectacles in a bid to pretend that everything in the garden was just perfect, because 20th century Glasgow was far from a Utopia, but we lived it, and made the best of what we had.

World War II had a profound effect on Glaswegians and we suffered heavily at the hands of the German Air Force, but an indomitable spirit remained throughout the city, which was vital to get us through six years of torment.

But when you open the first pages of this publication, and notice the many cheeky little faces peering back, you could be forgiven for laughing AND crying. When you witness children playing in the forgotten wastelands of Glasgow, it’s easy to question what kind of future lay ahead, but equally, they seem oblivious to their plight and are having lots of fun.

Turn the pages and stand in awe of some of the most architecturally stunning buildings around. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Alexander Greek Thomson were responsible for putting the go into Glasgow and much of their work still remains to this day.

Glasgow: Frame by Frame is a mini-tour of a metropolis once known as the second city of the Empire, and with great justification. It’s no wonder we can still attract visitors in their thousands and long may it continue. It might be ‘our Glasgow’ but there’s plenty to go round everyone.
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  Glasgow: Frame by Frame

Glasgow: Frame by Frame was the biggest selling book of 2012 in both Waterstones and WH Smith in Glasgow, something author Jeff Holmes is immensely proud of.
He said: “That particular book was an absolute joy to work on. I was working in the Daily Record at the time and was approached by the Trinity Mirror marketing team as I have a long-standing love of sepia Glasgow. We quickly agreed a fee for me to write the book and I got to work alongside the team on the archive pic desk.

The Daily Record and Sunday Mail have an outstanding back catalogue of old Glasgow pics and it was definitely a labour of love leafing through all the old images of the city. The guys on the pic desk – Brian Gallagher and Ann Marie Nimmo – did a fantastic job and split the old pics up into 10 or 11 categories, which quickly became chapters.

I think almost everyone loves looking at an old black and white photograph of their home town or city so it was a joy to work on.”

He added: “When I later wrote some football books, and I was in Glasgow book shops doing signing sessions, it was then I was told of just how popular the book had been with Glaswegians.

I suddenly had visions of my work being posted to all four corners of the globe for Christmas. It was an incredible feeling. The title of the book just seemed to capture the essence of the project perfectly. Definitely one I’m proud of.”

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