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Glasgow Rangers began the year in the doldrums - and they stayed there for a
good few months, struggling to make fifth spot in a ten-team league. That was until
the dramatic events of Tuesday, April 8, 1986.

From that day forward, Glasgow Rangers changed forever; Graeme Souness saw
to that. Fresh from Serie A - which at that time was almost certainly the toughest
league in the world - Souness came home to Scotland to become Rangers’

He took the club by the scruff of the neck and didn’t stop shaking until he’d made
them the best team in Scotland - and by some distance. He reversed the trend of
the top Scottish players heading south to ply their trade in England, and
encouraged the English trio of Terry Butcher, Chris Woods and Graham Roberts
to head to Ibrox.

It was the year Souness gave Rangers supporters back their swagger.

With new insightful interviews with the key players, chief protagonists and those
who were at the heart of the turnaround, 1986: The Rangers Revolution tells the
full story of what happened at Ibrox in 1986 - and it was quite a year to be a

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