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  Hi everyone, thanks for looking me up. I don't update the website as often as I should, but that's probably because I'm ALWAYS writing! I finish a project, press the button to send it to the publisher, and immediately start the next one. There always seems to be a project requiring completion. Maybe next time!

I was actually researching Rangers' great Invincible team of 1898 when the call came from the publisher, 'I take it you've already started on the book about Rangers winning the title?' He's a man of very few words, which is ironic, given his vocation. 'Eh, well, actually no!' So that was the start of it.

We were well into January, and the manuscript had to be delivered by March-ish. It's a strange world this writing lark. Write a book about Rangers winning the league, even though we're only halfway through the season! But it had to be done, didn't it? How can you have previously written about 1986 and 1992/93, but ignore 2020/21? You can't. It's impossible, and also wrong. I'm been lucky enough to see Rangers win many league titles, but this one is massive, iconic, the most important etc etc. Of course, it's all of these and more. This title was far more than simply number 55, or the one which stopped the 10.

So, sharpen up the pencil, sketch an outline. Okay, thinking cap on. We're writing a book about Rangers winning the league. Format? You know, let's talk about, eh, the games? Perhaps the players who scored in these games; the goalkeeper who had a shutout? How about the importance of that penalty against you-know-who? Sorry, I'm not engaged.

I could pick 20-25 key games and talk about these; the importance of the narrow win at Killie etc. Nope, still not doing it. By the time the reader gets to game number six, he'll be fed up listening to me. Thinking cap bench-charged and back on.

Right, okay, got it! Why don't I ask former players, coaches etc for their opinions on some key games? Get some different points of view. Yeah. Why not take it a stage further and ask supporters as well, or the odd MBE, Sir or Ambassador? Now we're talking. Why not make it the most eclectic mix of contributors ever assembled for a book about Rangers winning the league in 2020/21, or any season for that matter?

It now had my interest (I get bored very easily), and, more to the point, it piqued my publisher's curiosity enough to want to know more. So, we agreed on the format and off I went. 'Who are you going to get to contribute?' asked the publisher. 'Absolutely no idea,' I replied.

Pencil and a piece of paper. Blank! But, you always get there, don't you? Within a couple of hours I had a list of 45 folk I wanted to interview. This was more about content than caps (although there a few international players in there!) and volume over vanity. I wanted to find out what Rangers people thought about this great success. People who had witnessed trophy-grabs before, but also those who hadn't witnessed Rangers winning a top-flight title. Sorry, Petrofac Cup doesn't count.
  When all is said and done, I think I have assembled a pretty decent cast list. Supporters, Ex-players, managers, coaches, politicians, directors, supporters, celebs etc. I was delighted, and, more importantly, so know who I'm talking about.

This must be the only book in history to include contributions from Dave King; Her Majesty's Ambassador to Portugal and a joiner from Maryhill; my wife's Uncle Tam, who talks poignantly about his experience of the Rangers v Celtic match at Ibrox on January 2nd, 1971. It's crammed full of different opinions, but all roads lead back to the central theme, and that's Glasgow Rangers: Champions, 2020/21.

Name: Just Champion:
The Stories Behind Rangers' 2020/21 Title Triumph

Publication Date: 07/06/2021
Published by: Pitch Publishing 
Format: Hardback
ISBN number: TBC

RRP: £16.99

Available direct from the author Jeff Holmes by emailing

When buying direct from the author, you will receive a limited-edition Just Champion bookmark.
    Just Champion. The Stories Behind Rangers' 2020/21 Title Triumph  

The Story of the 1962 Tour


The first inkling that Rangers might be touring somewhere of great interest arrived at the beginning of May, 1962, when a story broke in the press of the players being asked to hold off booking a summer holiday. It was the briefest of announcements by manager Scot Symon, but one which hinted of a tour abroad.

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