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Hi everyone, just wanted to tell you about my latest book. It’s called 16 Incle Street and, wait for it, it ISN’T about football. No, this is a book I’ve been trying to write for a couple of years now. Here’s the blurb…

16 Incle Street is the fascinating yet tragic tale of a young mother cut down in her prime by the swish of an open razor. The perpetrator - her estranged husband - was ordered to hang by Lord Alness, who described the case as ‘deplorable,’ and lamented ‘the life of a young woman snuffed out like a candle in a breeze.’ A petition was raised, with the aim of getting the death sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Paisley folk had a big decision to make as petition sheets were distributed around the town.

The 1924 incident rocked the Renfrewshire town to its very foundation - and the fallout would linger on for many years to come.

The paperback book costs £7.99 and every single penny raised from the sale of the books will go to Renfrewshire Women’s Aid, who are based just a five minute walk away from the scene of the incident.

It’s for a good cause and if you can see your way to buying a copy then you know you’ll be helping folk along the way.

I first became acquainted with the story when I was working as a reporter for the Paisley Daily Express. My editor quickly realised I had an interest in history and suggested I pen a column each Saturday called Bygone Days.

It was right up my street and I was soon into the swing of things. I would go through the archives at Paisley Central Library and pick out the stories I felt were most interesting. The library archives had every single old copy of the Express and I would trawl through them for an hour or so once a week looking for the weird and the wonderful.

On one occasion I came across the story about John Gallacher and his wife Maggie. The couple were separated and Maggie and the two kids were back living with her mother and her other siblings. Gallacher would come around each Saturday teatime and give her a few shillings aliment. The visits were normally cordial enough, but on the last Saturday of February 1924, he returned to the house an fter a few drinks and walked straight into the kitchen (which wasn’t like him) and pleaded with his wife to ‘come and live with me again.‘ She said she would go back if he got them a house, but that she couldn’t live in rooms any longer. This seemed to enrage him and he slit her throat with a razor.
  Now, when I included this story in my column, I received a phone call on the Saturday from a mate of mine who told me that this was his family! The hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention. From then on, and with the family’s blessing, I carried on and wrote the story. And I felt that due to the subject matter, that Renfrewshire Women’s Aid would be the perfect charity to receive the proceeds.

It’s been a wee while coming, but it’s finally here and ready to start its journey to your house in a padded envelope.

16 Incle Street

Publication date: Friday, May 12, 2023

Published by Cadeel Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN Number: 9780955335235
RRP: £7.99

Available direct from the author by emailing

When buying directly from the author you will receive a limited edition 16 Incle Street bookmark

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