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  Welcome to my website. It's a place where you can find out a little about me and lots about my books. All seventeen of them, or is it eighteen?

Anyway, as usual, there is a new one on the horizon; there always is. This time, though, it's about a rather talented footballer called Mark Walters, and it has been around nine months in the making.

I first got in touch with Mark a couple of months before Christmas when he made a personal appearance at the Annan Rangers Supporters Club. I drove down and had a chat and we decided to see what little nuggets a first interview would bring, as Mark wasn't too sure that he had achieved enough in his career to warrant an autobiography. I was in no doubt that he had but being the respectful and humble character he is, he had a few doubts.

It was decided we should meet at the football stadium where it
all started for him, as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed teenager:
Villa Park, in his native Birmingham. In fact, Mark had lived just
a stone's throw from the bright lights of Villa’s ground, and on
many occasions during our get-togethers, had spoken of
walking out of his front door and seeing the floodlights cast this
huge swathe of light over his and surrounding housing
schemes. He would then walk to the ground, boots tucked
under his arm. Definitely the local lad made good.

But I wanted to check out the geography for myself, so on my next visit to Villa Park, I told him I was keen to visit the house he had grown up in and make the same walk to the ground. He told me to chap the door as his mum was expecting me! And what a charming woman Mrs Walters is. She made me welcome in her home and spoke in glowing terms about her son.
  What she didn't tell me, though, was of how she nipped
upstairs one night to call a local radio phone-in show as they
were slating her son for an apparent sub-standard performance
a couple of days previous. Picture Mark washing up the dishes
and listening to the radio, and then that familiar voice comes
on, giving the presenter a bit of stick. Priceless!

The entire process with Mark was a pleasure. We had a couple of sessions at Villa Park, in the same executive box facing the iconic Holte End; which I pictured full of cheering supporters, cheering on Mark for his darting runs, his ability to make
tough-tackling defenders look foolish due to his extensive box of tricks, and the many occasions on which he stuck the ball in the back of the net.

I pictured his home supporters roaring him and the team on
when they thumped the superstars of Barcelona in the early
1980s to win the European Super Cup. A teenage Mark
Walters having to grow up quickly as the talented Catalonians
quickly turned into a snarling bunch of foul-mouthed thugs as
they stared down the barrel of defeat.

I could go on and on but I'll finish up by saying the book is out on October 1st, and it's well worth a read…even if I say so myself.

London, June 1st. Lord's cricket ground, and the giants of the sporting literary world gathered for the
14th staging of the Cross Sports Book Awards. More information...


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